REFLECT: Mentoring support

The challenges we faced during the peak of the pandemic have further demonstrated how mentoring can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you progress in your career at any time, whether you are the mentee working with an independent mentor, or the mentor who is supporting another researcher.

In a period of change and uncertainty, it is even more important to tap into your support network. We have brought together some personal stories, encouraging you to reach out to your own mentees and mentors, and some resources to help you make the most of this relationship, be it virtually or in person.

[Page last updated 09 June 2021]


Hear from a mentor-mentee pair on their experiences of what it's been like to keep listening, and keep in touch, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Professor Mandy MacLean FMedSci has been mentoring for over thirty years. In her video, she reviews the stark challenges facing early career researchers post-COVID, with an ever-more competitive and uncertain career path. 


Dr Gemma Modinos is an Academy SUSTAIN participant and mentee, and a Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Senior Lecturer at King’s College London. Here, she discusses why having a mentor to talk to during this time has been extremely valuable.

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