Springboard: Eligible Institutions and Champions

Applications for Springboard are invited from selected research-active higher education institutions, which may put forward up to three applications per round. Prospective applicants should therefore first contact the Springboard Champion within their HEI and express their interest in the scheme. A list of eligible HEIs and their point of contact is available below.

If you have any issues in reaching the Springboard Champion within your institution, please contact us and we will be able to put you in touch.


Aston University, Professor Chris Hewitt

Bangor University, Professor Jo Rycroft-Malone

Cardiff University, Professor Ole Petersen CBE FRS FMedSci FLSW

Cranfield University, Professor Keith Rogers

Heriot-Watt University, Professor Vicki Stone

Imperial College London, Professor Azra Ghani

King's College London, Professor Lucilla Poston  FMedSci

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Professor Andrew Prentice FMedSci

Loughborough University, Professor Mark Lewis       

Newcastle University, Professor Christine Harrison FMedSci

Queen Mary University of London, Professor Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke FMedSci

Queen's University of Belfast, Professor Jose Bengoechea

Royal Holloway, University of London, Professor Robin Williams

Royal Veterinary College, Professor Jonathan Elliott

St George's, University of London, Professor Sanjeev Krishna FMedSci

Swansea University, Professor Mark Rees

Ulster University, Professor Neville McClenaghan

University College London, Professor Stephen Wilson FMedSci

University of Aberdeen, Professor Neil Gow FMedSci

University of Bath, Professor Laurence Hurst FRS FMedSci

University of Birmingham, Professor Janice Marshall FMedSci              

University of Bradford, Professor Diana Anderson

University of Bristol, Professor Jeremy Henley FMedSci

University of Cambridge, Professor Sarah Bray FMedSci                                   

University of DundeeProfessor Dario Alessi FMedSci

University of Durham, Professor Keith Lindsey

University of East Anglia, Professor Colin Cooper FMedSci

University of Edinburgh, Professor Elaine Dzierzak FMedSci

University of Essex, Professor Graham Underwood

University of Exeter, Professor Nicholas Talbot FRS

University of Glasgow, Professor Massimo Palmarini FRSE FMedSci

University of Hull, Professor John Greenman

University of Keele, Professor Alicia El Haj

University of Kent, Professor Colin Robinson

University of Lancaster, Professor Roger Pickup

University of Leeds, Professor Eileen Ingham FMedSci       

University of Leicester, Professor Charalambos Kyriacou FMedSci

University of Liverpool, Professor Malcolm Jackson

University of Manchester, Professor Judith Allen FRSE FMedSci

University of Nottingham, Professor John Atherton

University of Oxford, Professor Irene Tracey FMedSci

University of Reading, Professor Adrian Williams

University of Sheffield, Professor Jon Nicholl CBE FMedSci

University of Southampton, Professor Timothy Elliott FMedSci

University of St Andrews, Professor David Evans FMedSci

University of Stirling, Professor Judith Phillips OBE

University of Strathclyde, Professor Robin Plevin            

University of Surrey, Professor David Blackbourn   

University of Sussex, Professor Guy Richardson FRS FMedSci

University of Warwick, Professor Lawrence Young FMedSci

University of York, Professor Robert White FRSE FMedSci

* Please contact our grants team if you have any questions.

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