INSPIRE Awardees

Since INSPIRE began in 2012, we have awarded 89 small grants and a further nine special project grants. The grants, previously of up to £10,000, over 1-2 years were awarded in four rounds, reaching 31 schools in the first round in December 2012, 22 schools in December 2014, 8 in 2016 and 28 schools in October 2018. The nine special project grants were awarded in June 2014.

The links below provide a brief overview of the awards made, the activities implemented by each school and the impacts they have had.

Awarded January 2020

  • University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry
  • University of Birmingham Medical School
  • Brighton and Sussex Medical School
  • University of Bristol School of Veterinary Sciences with University of Bristol School of Medicine and University of Bristol Dental School
  • Cardiff University School of Medicine
  • University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
  • University of Dundee
  • University of Edinburgh
  • The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh
  • University of Exeter Medical School
  • University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Hull and York Medical School
  • Imperial College London
  • Keele University
  • King’s College London, GKT School of Medical Education with Royal Veterinary College, University of London
  • University of Leeds School of Medicine
  • University of Leicester School of Medicine
  • University of Liverpool Institute of Veterinary Science
  • University of Liverpool School of Medicine
  • University of Manchester
  • Newcastle University
  • Norwich Medical School
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science
  • Oxford University Medical School
  • Plymouth University
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Southampton
  • University of St Andrews
  • University of Surrey
  • Warwick Medical School with Swansea University

If you're an undergraduate student at one of these schools you can contact the current INSPIRE lead to find out more information. 

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