INSPIRE awardees

Since INSPIRE began in 2012, we have awarded 103 small grants and a further nine special project grants. The grants, previously of up to £10,000, over 1-2 years were awarded in four rounds, reaching 31 schools in the first round in December 2012, 22 schools in December 2014, 8 in 2016 and 28 schools in October 2018. The nine special project grants were awarded in June 2014. In 2023, INSPIRE Round 6 awarded 14 applicants, with 10 of these applications part of wider collaborations with other schools.

The tabs below provide a brief overview of the awards made, the activities implemented by each school and the impacts they have had.

The full list of medical, dental and veterinary schools running activities using INSPIRE funding and the lead contact for each. We encourage you to get in touch with them if you are an undergraduate student or a researcher who would like to take part in INSPIRE activities.

  • Brighton and Sussex Medical School – Professor Anjum Memon
  • Hull & York Medical School, University of Leeds, and the University of Sheffield – Dr Heidi Baseler
  • Imperial College London – Dr Rohini Sharma
  • Kent and Medway Medical School – Dr Anna Romito
  • Newcastle University and the University of Sunderland – Professor Gillian Vance
  • Queen's University Belfast and the University of Ulster – Dr Richard Turkington  
  • The Universities of Bristol, Cardiff, Plymouth, and Exeter – Dr Rebecca Foster
  • The Universities of Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and St Andrews – Dr Brian Conway
  • The Universities of Warwick, Chester, Swansea, and Worcester – Dr Thomas Barber
  • The University of Birmingham Medical School – Dr Paul Nankivell
  • The University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University – Dr Nicholas Evans
  • The University of Leicester and Norwich Medical School – Dr Justin Rice
  • The University of Liverpool – Professor Mandy Peffers
  • The University of Manchester – Dr Adam Greenstein
  • The University of Nottingham and the University of Lincoln – Dr Andrew Prayle
  • The University of Surrey – Dr Giovanna Nalesso
  • The University of Southampton – Dr Kirsten Poore

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