Annual diversity report

The 2017-18 annual diversity report is the Academy's fourth annual report of diversity data, and the second published externally. Each year we work to expand and improve our data collection and reporting practices, and are pleased to have expanded the depth and breadth of the report year on year.  We continue to work towards full data collection and standardisation, to support our wider aim to improve diversity across all areas of our activity.

This report presents diversity data in the following areas: governance and advisory groups; Fellowship; grant schemes; career development programmes; policy; communications and corporate affairs, and human resources. Click on the tabs below to explore a top level summary, or download the full report on the side of this page.

Governance committees and advisory groups

  • The Academy has strong female representation across its governance
    committees, which compares particularly well with sector averages.
  • Across all the Academy’s governance committees, none fell below the Academy’s red flag threshold of less than 30% female representation. 
  • Data on ethnicity across our governance and advisory committees is still lacking, and we need to put improve systems to collect diversity information from non Fellows who sit on these committees.


  • In 2018 we elected less women than in 2017 (33% verses 37%). It is disappointing that the upward trend has dipped slightly. However the number of women candidates in the pool for the 2019 election has risen by 1%. Sustained efforts will be required to increase the gender balance in the candidate pool significantly.
  • The gender balance of Fellows elected in the last 5 years now stands at 34%.
  • Within the Academy Fellowship, the underrepresentation of people from BAME backgrounds is worrying. For those from any black background it is particularly worrying, with 4 people out 1033 identifying as Black African, Black Caribbean or Black Other, and nobody from the 1033 Fellows for whom ethnicity data is recorded identifying as Black British.
  • Nominations of BAME candidates also remains a problem and more efforts are
    needed in this area.
  • 8% of the Fellowship regard themselves as having a disability

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