Annual diversity report

The 2018-19 annual diversity report is the Academy's fifth annual report of diversity data, and the third published externally. We continue to work towards full data collection to support our wider aim of improving diversity across our work.

This report presents diversity data in the following areas: GovernanceFellowship; Grant schemes; Career development programmes; Policy; Corporate Affairs and Communications, and Human resources. Click on the tabs below to explore a top level summary, or download the full report on the side of this page.

Governance committees and advisory groups

  • Data collection for gender is very good. Data collection for ethnicity is good. Data collection for disability is poor. Systems for collecting disability data from governance committees need to improve.
  • Only one person of colour sat on any of the Academy’s core governance committees in 2018/19. There were 97 possible seats on the Academy’s core governance bodies over 2018-19, allowing for rotation. Only two of these seats were filled by a person of colour (one person, two years running).
  • The Academy has strong female representation across its governance committees with 54% of people across all committees being women.


  • Gender data collection for the Fellowship is very good. Ethnicity data collection for the Fellowship is good. Disability data collection for the Fellowship is poor.
  • The Fellowship in total is 6% Black, Asian or from a minority ethnic group. [In 2017-18, 9.7% of UK Professors in science, technology and engineering were from these groups].
  • Of the four Black Fellows the Academy has ever had, three were elected in 1998 as Founder Fellows. Of the 1129 other people elected through the normal Fellowship election process over the past 20 years, only one person is Black. The Fellowship remains less than 0.2% Black. [In 2017-18, in the fields of science, engineering and technology, there are 40 Black people at professorial level in UK higher education institutions.]
  •  Less than 1 in 5 Fellows are female (19%). [In 2017-18, 21.3% of UK Professors in science, technology and engineering were female]. There was a reduction in new female candidates for 2018/19 (29%, down from 33% in 2017-18).

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