Goal 1: Diversify our Fellowship

We will diversify our Fellowship by:

  • Reviewing and modernising our elections processes including improving our election platform, reviewing the selection criteria for how we assess excellence, and offering more training and guidance to our nominators, reviewers, Sectional Committees and Chairs.
  • Improving and expanding our data collection processes to further aid the Sectional Committees and guide decision making.
  • Demystifying our Fellowship elections processes by engaging key external stakeholders to create an accessible Fellowship engagement campaign.

Our overall success measure for this EDI strategy is the impact we have in creating a more open and progressive UK research sector that is improving the health of everyone, everywhere.

Under this EDI strategy, our success measures of diversifying our Fellowship by 2026 are:

  • A steady and visible increase of a diversity of candidates across all protected characteristics as well as geography, research subject and sector, clinical and non-clinical specialties, career stage, and socio-economic background.
  • Updated live data that supports our Sectional Committees to increase the diversity of candidates and Fellows elected and determines which marginalised groups and stakeholders we need to engage further.
  • A transparent and accessible Fellowship elections process that can easily be communicated and shared with our external stakeholders.

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