Cross-funder COVID-19 statement

The Academy has co-ordinated a cross-funder statement with 27 funder signatories on COVID-19 institutional memory: how we as funders will look to fairly remember and recognise the impacts of COVID-19 on grant applicants' work in the future. 

“...Any disruptions to research activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be taken into consideration by our panels and committees when assessing an individual applicant’s record of outputs, research achievements, and career progression in future grant rounds. We understand that most researchers will have been affected during this period of disruption. We also recognise that some of these impacts are likely to be felt long after the acute phase of the pandemic, potentially affecting applications for months or years to come...”
Excerpt from the statement

Read and download the full statement here or from the side of this page. 

This statement was originally released in March 2022 - see the Academy's news article here. This statement currently has 27 signatories:

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