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Government Science and Innovation Strategy 2014

The Academy is providing input into the Government's Science and Innovation Strategy 2014, including the consultation on long-term capital expenditure.

Status: Ongoing

The Academy is working alongside the Royal Society, British Academy and Royal Academy of Engineering to provide input into the development of the Government's 'Science and Innovation Strategy 2014', including the associated consultation regarding long-term capital expenditure.

The government pledged to produce this Strategy as part of the 2013 Autumn statement. The Strategy will be announced with the 2014 Autumn statement.

The Academies are sitting on the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills' Ministerial Advisory Group for the Strategy. The Academies were invited to give evidence to the House of Lords Science & Technology Committee on 8 July 2014 regarding the Strategy. A recording of the session is available online. The Academies provided a joint submission to the Department to inform the development of the Strategy. This was supplemented with an individual response from the Academy of Medical Sciences.

The Academies submitted a joint response to the consultation announced by the Chancellor on 25 April 2014, which closed on 4 July 2014: ‘Creating the future: a 2020 vision for science and research - a consultation on proposals for long-term capital investment in science and research

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