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Faster access to cancer drugs: a fine balancing act

Professor Mark Emberton FMedSci discusses the challenges facing cancer drug development at an increasingly challenging time for doctors, patients, regulators and a healthcare system that demands better medicines, faster and at lower cost. Using more innovative

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Helping patients and doctors make difficult decisions

Deborah Ashby is an Academy Fellow and Professor of Medical Statistics and Clinical Trials at Imperial College London. Every medical treatment has potential benefits, but also risks. Weighing up these benefits and risks is often one of th...

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NHS at 70: What has research done for us?

A blog by our President, Professor Sir Robert Lechler PMedSci   As the NHS turns 70 this year there is no better time to celebrate the impact UK research has had on patients. Seven ways resear

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Demystifying the uterus for better births

Professor Susan Wray is Professor of Physiology at Liverpool University and an Academy Fellow who investigates the causes of problems in childbirth. We think of modern pregnancy and childbirth as relativ...

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