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Why does the Academy have a Mentoring programme?

Dr Susie Candy, Director of Biomedical Grants and Policy, reflects on the early days of mentoring. How did the Academy’s Mentoring programme first come about? When the Academy of Medical Sciences was formed in 1998, the number of clinical ...

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What are our mentoring catalysis workshops?

We aim to act as a catalyst for others to start their own mentoring programmes. The Academy is an advocate of the benefits of developmental mentoring and we are keen to share our knowledge and experience. Our Mentoring programme has inspired several programmes in academic inst...

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What does a good mentor look like?

Dr Susie Candy, Director of Biomedical Grants and Policy, on the key values that good mentors share. Every mentor is different but there are some key values that they share. First is the neutrality – a mentor should have no agenda but to support the mentee and to lo...

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Developing a good mentoring relationship

To ensure you’re making the most of your mentoring sessions these top tips from Alexis Hutson, our mentoring skills workshop facilitator, will help build a solid foundation for the future.

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How does the mentee-mentor matching process work?

I’ve paired over 100 mentees with mentors since starting at the Academy in 2016. It’s important to consider your options carefully, but sometimes searching through the Fellows Directory can feel overwhelming. Here are my thoughts on finding a mentor to develop your career. O...

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