Winning talks from early career researchers

Watch the winning research talks and keynote speeches from our annual conference for clinical academics. Our Clinical Academics in Training Conference (CATAC), most recently held last year in Edinburgh, is a unique cross-specialty event bringing together clinical academic trainees. 

CATAC 2018 post-doctoral plenary competition winner:
Dr Kate Marks
Academic Clinical Fellow in pathology, University of Leeds
'An assessment of the mutation rate of normal colorectal epithelium in patients with cancer compared to patients without.' 

CATAC 2018 post-doctoral plenary competition runner-up:
Dr Muzaffer Kaser
NIHR Clinical Lecturer in psychiatry, University of Cambridge
'A computational approach to reinforcement learning in patients with remitted depression: results from a randomised double-blind placebo-controlled study.'

CATAC 2018 pre-doctoral plenary competition winner:
Dr Angela Lucas-Herald
Clinical Research Fellow in paediatrics, University of Glasgow
'Altered vascular function in boys with hypospadias - role of reactive oxygen species'

CATAC 2018 pre-doctoral plenary competition runner-up:
Dr Duncan Brian
CRUK Clinical Research Fellow in haematology, University College London
'Forced expression of retinoic acid receptor alpha potentiates differentiation of acute myeloid leukaemia.'

You can also watch the two keynote speeches from the day:

Adventures in academia: Dr Katherine Sleeman
"My career has been characterised by extremes. From success to failure: from moments of absolute clarity to long periods of deep uncertainty, and from motivation to frustration." Dr Katherine Sleeman, an NIHR Clinician Scientist and consultant in palliative medicine, delivers a barnstorming talk about her personal journey in research, with inspiring stories and advice for early career clinical academics.

Life on the Moon: my career in industry and academia: Professor Ed Bullmore 
“I started in research late and a bit accidentally.” Professor Ed Bullmore FMedSci of GlaxoSmithKline and the University of Cambridge shares his career spanning industry and academia, and his advice for others thinking of combining research and drug discovery.

All talks from the day are available to view on the Academy of Medical Sciences YouTube channel.

Find out more about the Academy's Clinical Academics in Training Conference (CATAC) in our Careers section.

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