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Our President’s response to the Brexit Vote result

Our president, Professor Sir Robert Lechler PMedsci, responds to the vote by MPs to reject the Prime Minister's Brexit deal.

“In light of yesterday’s vote to reject the Prime Minister’s deal, I am at pains to once again stress that leaving the EU without a deal is a grave threat to biomedical research and the patients and public who rely on our currently collaborative and world-class science.

“This isn’t speculation: no deal would lead to serious negative impacts for medical research, including the disruption to productive collaborations, lost access to funding, barriers to clinical trials and research into rare diseases, and a diminution in our ability to attract and retain researchers to the UK.

“It is somewhat encouraging to see that over the last week MPs have shown that Parliament will not support a “no deal” Brexit. But time is running out and I urge Parliamentarians to have the need for a good outcome for science and medical research at the forefront of their minds in the coming days and weeks.”

To see our President's Brexit update, delivered on 15 January 2019 on the eve of the above vote, click here.

For more information about Academy policy work around Brexit, visit this page.

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