Next steps: Enhancing the use of scientific evidence

Today, the Academy launches a workshop summary which considers the priorities for implementing the Academy’s report, "Enhancing the use of scientific evidence to judge the potential benefits and harms of medicines", and identifies those that can take a lead on driving them forward.

The report summarises the discussions from an implementation workshop held on 5 July 2017, which convened key stakeholders from across the biomedical field. The workshop was chaired by Professor Sir John Tooke FMedSci, who also led the oversight group for the Evidence project.

“As the Academy report made clear, while many factors will affect our decision making, we would like robust evidence from scientific research to play a more important role,” said Sir John.

“It was encouraging to see enthusiasm at this workshop from across the research community to take forward steps aimed at making information from research more accessible and understandable, as well as more reliable and trustworthy in the future.

“The Academy will aim to work with others around the successful implementation of this report to help ensure the use of scientific evidence is enhanced.”

Workshop participants considered the recommendations within the context of three key themes:

  • Improving the generation of scientific evidence
  • Improving the trustworthiness of scientific evidence
  • Improving the communication of scientific evidence

Participants praised the emphasis throughout the recommendations to progress existing initiatives and avoid duplication. While focused on medicines, the recommendations were deemed to have important international implications outside of medical science, and delegates championed a collaborative, collegiate  approach to their implementation, for example, the opportunity to affect change across disciplines through the new UKRI.

The full workshop report is now available on the right hand side of this page, and further information on this project can be found on the project page. Since the workshop, Academy staff have been meeting with a range of individuals and organisations focused on taking these recommendations forward.

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