New MedSciLife Profile: Dr Rashmi Patel

"The experience of rejection can make you feel as if you are a failure. This is absolutely not the case. It may take some time but be persistent and eventually you will succeed."

We have published a new MedSciLife profile of Dr Rashmi Patel, who is an Academic Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Psychosis Studies, King's College London. He explains how choral singing enriches and overlaps with his life as a doctor and medical researcher.


"Singing in a choir is an uplifting experience, none more so than during choral evensong. After a long day in the clinic or the lab choral music can transport you into another world.

"The UK has a strong choral tradition and choirs continue to sing pieces in the same buildings where they were first performed several centuries previously. Being a choral singer requires discipline and commitment. Punctuality and keeping focussed during rehearsals is essential!

"It also teaches you to listen and be aware of the singers around you to achieve a balanced ensemble, especially when singing more complex polyphony where other vocal parts continually weave in and out around your own. In many ways, these skills are also important in medical science, particularly when working in a specialised research team where scientists from a diverse range of disciplines must work together to pursue a complex research project.

"Choral singing has added a unique dimension to my medical academic career and continues to enrich my life."


Dr Patel is an Academy Starter Grant holder, an award providing practical financial support to Clinical Lecturers who are looking to develop and strengthen their research careers.. His MedSciLife profile is part of our campaign to encourage people working in medical and health research to share their stories. We hope to promote different working practices and explore how passions and achievements outside work can influence careers. Read his full story, and many more, at:

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