FORUM symposium: Influencing the trajectories of ageing

On 16 September 2016, the Academy's FORUM held a meeting to explore the latest developments in ageing research and discuss how this science could be translated and used for decision-making.

Over the course of the morning, chaired by Professor Tom Kirkwood FMedSci, experts from different fields described the most recent and key developments in the field of ageing research. Speakers explored areas such as the fundamental biological processes of ageing, and how factors including diet and exercise impact on these processes, multimorbidity and age-related disease, the main socioeconomic determinants and the association between psychological factors and how we age.

Attendees then discussed how advances in ageing research could be used to improve decision-making by better predicting longevity and future health, and also how the science could be translated into health and social care and the opportunities for influencing ageing trajectories.

Sir John Pattison FMedSci, co-chair, closed the meeting with a reflection on the exciting progress that has been made in ageing research, which has led to a better understanding of the underlying causes and trajectories of ageing. He highlighted that we already have sufficient knowledge about ageing processes to start translating this into clinical practice, lifestyle choices and social care. 

A full report of the meeting has now been published and is available on the sidebar of this page. To find out more about the event, please visit the FORUM events page.

Academy of Medical Sciences' FORUM

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