Fellows elected to the Royal Society

Congratulations to the eleven Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences elected to the Royal Society in 2019.

Venki Ramakrishnan FRS FMedSci, President of the Royal Society, said: 

“Over the course of the Royal Society’s vast history, it is our Fellowship that has remained a constant thread and the substance from which our purpose has been realised: to use science for the benefit of humanity.

“This year’s newly elected Fellows and Foreign Members of the Royal Society embody this, being drawn from diverse fields of enquiry - epidemiology, geometry, climatology - at once disparate, but also aligned in their pursuit and contributions of knowledge about the world in which we live, and it is with great honour that I welcome them as Fellows of the Royal Society.”

The newly elected Fellows of ours to join the Royal Society's Fellowship are:

Professor Charles Bangham FRS FMedSci, Imperial College London

Professor Gurdyal Besra FRS FMedSci, University of Birmingham

Professor George Davey-Smith FRS FMedSci, University of Bristol

Professor Martin Embley FRS FMedSci, Newcastle University

Professor Jonathan Flint FRS FMedSci, University of California, Los Angeles

Dr Matthew Hurles FRS FMedSci, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Professor Anant Parekh FRS FMedSci, University of Oxford

Professor Julian Peto FRS FMedSci, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Dr Caetano Reis e Sousa FRS FMedSci, Francis Crick Institute

Professor Ian Tomlinson FRS FMedSci, University of Birmingham

Professor Sir Doug Turnbull FRS FMedSci, Newcastle University

The Academy of Medical Sciences will be electing our new Fellows in early May.


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