Accelerating access to medical innovation

The Academy today published the report of a joint FORUM meeting with CASMI, the Medical Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research on ‘Accelerating access to medical innovation: a research agenda for innovation science’.

In summer 2017, the Academy, in partnership with CASMI, the Medical Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research, held a FORUM workshop to discuss a research agenda for accelerating access to medical innovation. The summary meeting report can be found on the righthand side of this page. Key findings from the workshop included:

  • The value of a multidisciplinary approach to innovation including the need to consider the social context in which an innovation is used such as the behaviour and motivations of individuals involved whether the patient, clinician or commissioner.
  • Importance of involving different stakeholders at different points in the innovation pathway, and the need to further explore optimal models for this engagement and ‘co-design’.
  • The need for a strong evidence base for innovation to create a compelling value proposition for uptake and adoption, also considering the benefits of innovation in the context of system needs. This is accompanied by the need for a robust evaluation framework for innovation and innovation pathways to enable improvements and measure impact.
  • Building a broader definition of value for innovation beyond direct health outcomes to incorporate measures such as social values and accrual of downstream benefits of innovation potentially outside of the healthcare system.
  • Exploring ways to incentivise system change for uptake and adoption of innovation.

To learn more about the FORUM or how to become a FORUM member, please visit our webpage.

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