Academy welcomes Committee report on UKRI

Today the House of Commons' Science and Technology Committee published a new report, Setting up UK Research & Innovation, to outline strengths and weaknesses of the new body.

Professor Sir Robert Lechler PMedSci, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, said:

"UKRI draws together many distinct research and innovation funding streams, so we are in agreement with the Committee that transparency around allocations will be crucial. Balance must be found on all fronts especially in the dual-funding mechanism of academic research, and between research and innovation investment.

"As interim Chair, Sir John Kingman has worked hard to engage the sector and build UKRI into an organisation that can deliver on its promise – today’s report offers some constructive opportunities to fine tune that vision.

"UKRI will bring significant change to the research funding landscape, creating opportunities for improvement, but also a risk of  unexpected issues. As the Committee suggests, evaluation of UKRI and its impact on the community should be considered from the very start, and metrics for success should be identified and agreed upon.

"I am very pleased to see many of the Committee's recommendations echoing the priorities that the National Academies have raised in relation to both the Nurse Review and the Higher Education and Research Bill, which will establish UKRI."

The Academy remains fully engaged in discussions around the new body, following our contributions to the Nurse Review and to the HERB.

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