Academy hosts discussion dinner on research in the veterinary profession

On Thursday 22 October, the Academy hosted a discussion dinner to explore the challenges and opportunities of re-engaging the veterinary profession with fundamental and applied research.

The event, chaired by Professor Sir John Tooke PMedSci, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, gave Fellows and other invited guests the opportunity to identify key barriers and challenges to undertaking research in the veterinary profession and offer possible solutions. Attendees included representatives from industry and academia, funders, and senior civil servants.

Topics of discussion included the importance of research in the veterinary profession particularly with respect to emerging global challenges, cultural and structural barriers to developing research careers in the veterinary sciences, the need for a defined integrated career pathway for veterinary researchers, and lessons to be learnt from past funding initiatives.

A note of the dinner is available here. The Veterinary Schools Council is organising a meeting on 27th November to discuss ‘UK veterinary research 2020 and beyond’. The Academy will  review the outcomes of this meeting to identify common themes.

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