Women's Health: a life course approach

13.00, Monday 18 October 2021

Zoom Online Workshop

This online public FORUM symposium, jointly hosted by the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Society, explored innovative, evidence-based health technologies and interventions that can benefit women during the different stages of their lives.

In the UK, 51% of the population and 47% of the workforce are women, yet the funding for research of women’s health is much less than for research of men’s health issues. The resulting unmet health needs of women present a major health inequality but also a significant market opportunity for gendered innovation. Recent appreciation of this has led to a surge of investment into new technologies and treatments in the women’s health sector, including the ongoing growth of a $35bn ‘fem tech’ market. Many such innovations offer exciting opportunities for a personalised and preventive approach to women’s health across a life course, but it is critical that these advances are evidence-based and inclusive, to maximise benefits to women and avoid unintentional harms.

This meeting explored some novel health interventions that support women to live healthily through the major transitions of their life and will take place from 13.00 to 17.00 on Moday 18 October. Speakers discussed examples of innovative research, therapies and technologies that benefit women’s health and considered how to overcome some of the societal challenges and barriers to building systems, in healthcare and beyond, that meet the needs of all women at different stages of their lives.

This event followed the Department of Health and Social Care's recent Women's Health Strategy call for evidence. You can download the Academy's response from the panel on the right and read the accompanying news article here.

A full programme is available on the Royal Society's webpage.


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About the conference series

This meeting formed part of the Academy of Medical Sciences' FORUM programme and the Royal Society's Transforming our Future series.

The Academy's FORUM programme brings together industry, academia and the NHS, and the charity, regulatory and wider healthcare sectors. It provides an independent platform to bring together leaders from across the life sciences sector to discuss scientific opportunities, technology trends, translational challenges and strategic choices in healthcare.

The Royal Society’s Transforming our Future meetings are unique, high-level events that address scientific and technical challenges of the next decade and bring together leading experts from wider scientific community, industry, government and charities. The meetings are organised with the support of the Royal Society Science, Industry and Translation Committee.

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