Problem solving and decision making: Cirrus Online Training Session

10.00, Friday 29 January 2021


We all solve problems and make decisions every day of our lives, often without thinking about it. As a leader and manager it can easily become overwhelming, when the problems we solve and the decisions we make naturally involve members of our team, and the increased responsibility which that involves.

This two hour Zoom workshop aims to help you put problem solving and decision making into a leadership context, as well as learn how to use some powerful tools, techniques, and approaches. We explore some world class thinking in an accessible way so that you can easily put it into action in your daily life as a leader.


Key topics will include:

  • Understanding the difference between problem solving and decision making
  • How to apply structured techniques in both instances to take out some of the stress
  • Exploring how to recognise the scope and impact of problems
  • Discovering some of the ways to resolve problems and when to mobilise the support of others


The live session will be interactive, enabling you to share and socialise ideas with fellow participants as well as practise and discuss your experiences in small groups.

Packed with advice, hints, and tips the session will be facilitated by an experienced consultant from our partner Cirrus.

Cirrus is a leadership, talent, and engagement consultancy with an extensive client portfolio in the UK and across the globe, working with major organisations as they transform leader behaviour to deal with a volatile and uncertain world.


This event is linked to the Academy’s COVID-19 Career Support Space, which has personal stories and free resources on a range of topics including Challenging Inequalities, Leading Your Team and Stress & Overwork.

These events are free to attend and will be held entirely online. Please book your place in advance, so our facilitators know how many to expect.

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