Plenary Webinar: Advancing Universal Health Coverage in the Middle East and North Africa: The role of research

09.00, Thursday 17 December 2020

The Academy of Medical Sciences and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology of Egypt are convening a policy workshop on Achieving Universal Health Coverage in the Middle East and North Africa: the role of research online on the 16-17 December 2020. 

The second day of this event, 17 December 2020, 09:00-11.30 UK time, will be livestreamed and available to view via the Academy's website and Youtube channel. Please sign up using the booking form on this page to receive the stream link. 


The main objective of this workshop is to reflect upon the state of progress towards UHC in the Middle East and North Africa and to explore opportunities to use current gaps to advance the UHC research agenda in the region, in order to address key challenges and achieve quality UHC. In doing so, it will consider the role that research can play in addressing critical questions around healthcare coverage and in improving the quality of care provided, and how researchers can engage with policymakers across sectors to support the development, implementation and monitoring of evidence informed policies. The workshop will provide a platform for countries in the region to share knowledge of what hasn’t worked and of successful approaches which have led to improved health coverage or increases in quality of care. To achieve this, our aims are as follows:

  • Provide a platform for experts to revisit the UHC research agenda in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Bring together evidence from countries in the region on progress towards effective UHC and explore shared opportunities to evaluate and learn from current research gaps to advance key components of the UHC agenda.
  • Identify country specific and shared research challenges and barriers that undermine progress to UHC.
  • Identify actions, tools and strategies that could support a reshaped research agenda, accelerate progress towards delivery of high quality care for all and promote accountability.
  • Discuss research priorities and solutions to overcome the identified barriers at a country and/or regional level.
  • Provide a platform for multi-disciplinary experts to discuss how to better impact policy uptake through the use of science and investment in research and research leadership.

Further information on this event can be found on our dedicated policy page. 

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