'The mentoring conversation and your part in it' webinar

10.00, Wednesday 06 December 2017

How do you ensure you get the most from your mentoring sessions?

Whether you have attended one of our Mentoring Masterclasses or are part of completely different mentoring scheme; whether you are a mentor, a mentee, or both; please join this free webinar. You will learn more about having productive conversations, as well as skills and techniques for optimal learning, such as using the OSCAR model for guiding your mentoring sessions.


We will cover:

- A review of the developmental model of mentoring

- The structure of a productive conversation

- The OSCAR model

- Shared experience and learning with other attendees


This webinar will also give you the opportunity to ask our experienced mentoring facilitator, Alexis Hutson, any questions you have about mentoring.


Please register here.

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