Liberal Democrat Party Conference: Ask the experts: Coronavirus

17.00, Friday 25 September 2020

This event is jointly hosted by the UK National Academies; The Royal Society, the British Academy, The Royal Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Medical Sciences.


Researchers and innovators, including Fellows of the National Academies and people we fund, are working together across the globe to help us better understand COVID-19 and discover the best ways to treat, live with and ultimately to stop the virus.

Join us at to hear from researchers and innovators working to better understand COVID-19 and develop innovations and interventions to stop its spread.


  • Tom Whipple, Science Editor at the Times and Sunday Times (Chair)
  • Munir Wilson MP, Lib Dem Health & Social Care Spokesperson
  • Professor Dame Linda Partridge DBE FRS
  • Dr Shaun Fitzgerald FREng
  • Professor Melinda Mills FBA
  • Prof Dame Anne Johnson DBE MD FMedSci

The event is a fringe meeting of the Liberal Democrat Party Conference. For more information on the Conference or to sign up, click here.

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