'Improving the status and valuation of teaching in Higher Education' workshop

00.00, Friday 28 March 2014

12 Roger Street, Charles Darwin House


In 2010, the Academy published the report 'Redressing the balance: the status and valuation of teaching in academic careers' that assessed the balance that teaching and research hold within UK biomedical science departments and medical schools, particularly in relation to career progression.

Three years later the Academy - alongside The Physiological Society, Society of Biology and Heads of University Biosciences (HUBS) (a special interest group of the Society of Biology) - decided to follow up the implementation of the report's recommendations. The work is being undertaken by a joint steering group.

The steering group is holding a workshop, the aim of which is to:

  • further promote the importance of the issue to a range of HE stakeholders
  • disseminate case studies that highlight good practice
  • discuss processes for evidencing and evaluating good teaching

The workshop has been informed by the steering group's mid-2013 survey of individuals across bioscience departments and medical schools in UK universities. The survey results indicate that there is still much to do to raise the status and valuation of teaching in UK academic careers.

The workshop will be attended by representatives from across the HE sector, including Vice Chancellors, Pro Vice Chancellors of Education, Deans of Faculty, Heads of Bioscience, Mid/Early career researchers, Funders, Nationals bodies and Learned Societies.