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HIVE/PILLAR networking event

16.00, Thursday 11 November 2021

We are delighted to invite all former and current Academy grant awardees and careers programme participants, as well as, Fellows of the Academy to a virtual networking event.

We are expecting attendees from across our programmes and grant schemes, which include individuals at different career stages, from different disciplines and sectors across the Life Sciences, and from around the globe. It will be an exciting opportunity to form new connections and find out about the work of others in the community. Academy staff will also be present. This event is scheduled to last one hour.

We’re committed to providing networking opportunities to our members, especially as current circumstances mean many have found it hard to make new connections. 

This virtual event is open to Academy Fellows, Academy’s current awardees and programme participants (members of the PILLAR programme) and all alumni of our grant schemes and programmes (members of the HIVE programme), including researchers from all over the world through our international grants. You can join us from wherever you are based in the UK or around the globe.

How to register:

If you are a current awardee you can register to this event through the PILLAR portal.

If you are an alumni, you can register to this event through the HIVE portal.

If you are a Fellow and would like to register for this event, please email us on 

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