Hire your way to better science: How to improve research and research culture by changing hiring and promotion practices

10.30, Tuesday 26 January 2021


In the last few years there has been much conversation about how to improve research practices and research culture. In the flurry of presenting and developing new initiatives, there has however been less emphasis placed on reviewing and improving more established practices already ingrained in the research ecosystem. One of these practices that is critical to how research functions is hiring and promotion.

This event aimed to highlight the importance of hiring and promotion, by calling on researcher, organisation and funder perspectives. We heard from a range of speakers to understand how hiring and promotion affects them and their colleagues. The aim of this event was to outline ways in which researchers and institutions have already improved their hiring practices, and discuss what is still missing, setting up a future blueprint for improving research and research culture through hiring and promotion.

To capture the discussion we produced a visual note with Scriberia: