Looking to the future: endpoints in clinical research

09.00, Monday 03 July 2017

30 Euston Square, Royal College of General Practitioners

London, NW1 2FB

On 3 July 2017, the Academy and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry held a joint workshop to explore oncology endpoints in research. Co-chaired by Dr David Montgomery, Pfizer, and Professor Mark Emberton FMedSci, University College London, the workshop brought together key stakeholders including industry, academia, regulators, patients, clinicians, funders and commissioners, amongst others, to discuss and identify ways to overcome the challenges associated with selecting study endpoints in oncology, and consider those outcomes that are important for clinical trial measures to be ‘fit for purpose’, now and in the future. It was envisioned that oncology would be used as an exemplar, with discussion of principles that are more widely applicable across different therapy areas.

The workshop provided opportunities to debate different perspectives (patients, industry, regulators, clinicians, payers, academics, statisticians) and address key questions around the relevance, utility and acceptability of different endpoints across a variety stakeholders. Please note that this event was by invitation only, and for further details please contact forum@acmedsci.ac.uk

The summary meeting report has now been published and can be downloaded from the right hand side of this page and the publications section of the website. The findings of this workshop will be presented at the DIA EuroMeeting 2018 in April.

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