Developing an effective mentoring programme 2021

10.00, Thursday 23 September 2021

This event is for individuals from organisations that are working on mentoring programmes and want to share their experiences and learn good practice.

This virtual workshop from 10.00 - 13.00 will provide a space to discuss themes around designing and administering an effective mentoring programme, with presentations from the Academy, as well as other institutions, on their own experiences. It will provide attendees with the skills and information necessary to launch and/or manage their own mentoring programme.

The agenda for the event can be found on the right hand panel. Alexis Hutson, the Academy's Mentoring scheme trainer, will provide a short introduction to the concept of developmental mentoring, the model we advocate that our mentors and mentees use. The Academy's Mentoring programme has now been successfully running for 18 years and we recently celebrated pairing 1000 mentees with mentors.

We will also be joined by some external speakers, including:

  • Kim Gurwitz, Translational Training Manager, University College London
  • Eolan Healy, Education & Careers Officer, British Society for Immunology
  • Julie Starr, Starr Coaching

Julie Starr, Managing Director of Starr Coaching, is a widely-respected authority on coaching, mentoring and personal development. She will be presenting on 'Common Mentoring Myths – Busted' where she will discuss things that people believe about mentoring which aren’t true. This talk will provide a way to clear blocks and stimulate productive thoughts and insights.


This event is free to attend, please follow the link below to register your place.

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