Curating your career

13.30, Wednesday 27 October 2021

Are you looking to grow your role? Maybe you’re curious about communicating your science, or wondering just how academics “get in to” policy? Perhaps you want to work with start-ups, but don’t know where to start?

Curating your Career is a virtual panel event where you’ll hear from academics who have each developed expertise in areas adjacent to academia, such as science communication, entrepreneurship, making better use of data, and cross-sector working. This will be followed by a hands-on workshop from Susan Edwards that will empower attendees with the tools they need to reflect on and further develop their career, so that you leave feeling able to take that next step. This event will offer a unique opportunity for those looking to grow within their role or progress further, to hear from inside-perspectives on a range of areas aligned with academia. The speakers will each talk about their own experiences and their advice for you, including dedicated time to take your questions.  

Speakers include:  

Dr Giovanni Biglino – Giovanni is a Senior Lecturer at Bristol University and a FLIER 2 participant. In addition to his research as a biomedical engineer he has worked with start-ups, industry, and patient groups to develop REACH (Researchers and Engineers Alliance for Communication in Healthcare), a network aiming to promote a culture of public engagement within the biomedical engineering community and among those working in medical technologies.

Professor Rhiannon Owen - Rhiannon is an Associate Professor of Statistics at Swansea University and an honorary Senior Lecturer at Bristol University. Rhiannon was recently awarded an Academy Springboard Award to develop statistical methods to improve the diagnosis and care of COVID-19 patients, and is additionally a member of NICE's Technology Appraisal Committee and their Decision Support Unit. She also has extensive experience of cross-sector collaboration, including with the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. 

Dr Matthew Loxham – Matt is a Senior Research Fellow at Southampton University, researching Respiratory Biology and Air Pollution, as well as an alumnus of the Academy’s Springboard Programme. He has also developed a growing profile within the media, appearing in BBC News, the Guardian, and the National Geographic to talk about his research. Additionally he has experience of working with policymakers, including with Transport for London, advising on pollution on the London Underground.

Susan Edwards - Susie is the founder of WonderIf, an online training and career coaching organisation based in London. With over 17 years of experience working in media, healthcare, education and business, she specialises in leadership and management, communication at work and career development. Her workshop will enable participants to reflect on their own career development and the proactive steps you can take to be more fulfilled, happy and successful within your role. 


To capture the discussion we produced a visual note with Scriberia: