Career Development Event - Where To Draw The Line

10.00, Wednesday 11 November 2020

Finishes at 12.30 - Online

When chasing a career path where hard work, ambition and speedy career progression are celebrated, is it possible to set reasonable boundaries and still achieve our goals?

This event will explore how to pursue a career without detriment to your own health through the following topics:

Perfectionism led by Dr Rasha Al-Lamee

Publications led by Dr Anna Sharman of Cofactor

Work/life balance led by Professor Geraint Rees FMedSci

Our Career Development events are open to everyone. They’re particularly useful for early-career biomedical and health researchers, offering practical skills, training and the chance to network with peers and more senior academics. They also offer clinical academic trainees help in navigating the clinical academic training pathway and developing a research career. 

This event is free to attend and will be held entirely online. Please book your place in advance, so our facilitators know how many to expect.

Key contacts

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