BRIGHTON - Health, lies and videotape

00.00, Monday 07 September 2015

44–47 Gardner Street Duke’s at Komedia


Free tickets are available for this event at the Duke's @ Komedia website 

What keeps Mrs Dawson busy? And would you call your children fat?

We’ll be travelling through the archives of the Wellcome Trust to show some of the best, worst and most hilarious public health films from the 20th century, and look at what the future might hold. 

We’ll be joined by an expert panel who will be our tour guides, helping us navigate between the past and the present day, sorting the fact from the fiction and the daft from the downright dangerous. 

There will also be a chance for you to have your say about what you want from healthcare over the next 25 years. 

See a taster of what’s to come on Youtube - 

This event is supported by a Wellcome Trust People Award.

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