Beyond the paper: Navigating Academic Publishing now and in the future

14.00, Thursday 24 June 2021


Changes to the publishing landscape, such as an increase in preprint publications, and rapid sharing of alternative publication formats including the COVID-19 genomic sequence have highlighted the value of publications often not considered in research evaluations.


Together, these and other factors have changed our perspective on the importance and challenges of scientific communications, available openly to a range of audiences. As an ever-changing landscape, crucial to academic presence and success, publishing offers a complex and important topic of exploration.  


Our speakers, Dr Paul Wicks (FLIER), Dr Prachee Avasthi (ASAPbio) and Aki MacFarlane (Wellcome) will offer an insight into its structure and how this has changed over time, as well as equipping attendees with advice on how to navigate this landscape and maximise their impact. We will also explore current and emerging trends, reflecting on how these could change the publishing landscape, as well as academia more broadly. There will be ample opportunity for Q&A. 


To capture the discussion we produced a visual note with Scriberia: