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Advances in antimicrobial innovation

13.00, Monday 05 July 2021

This online public FORUM symposium, held in partnership with the Royal Society, explored advances in antimicrobial research as we seek to tackle the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance.

Antimicrobial resistance continues to grow as a worldwide health challenge. Pathogens are continually evolving to combat drugs given to treat potentially life-threatening diseases, rendering treatments ineffective and threatening the many advances in fighting microbes over recent decades.

As therapeutics in current use become less effective, new approaches are required. This event aims to raise awareness and interest for new antimicrobial therapeutics, the challenges faced by new drugs in entering the market, and their appropriate use in healthcare systems.

This event was free and open to the public. The full workshop report and workshop programme is available on the Royal Society's webpage.


Contact the FORUM team for more information.

About the conference series

This meeting forms part of the Academy of Medical Sciences' FORUM programme and the Royal Society's Transforming our Future series.

The Academy's FORUM programme brings together industry, academia and the NHS, and the charity, regulatory and wider healthcare sectors. It provides an independent platform to bring together leaders from across the life sciences sector to discuss scientific opportunities, technology trends, translational challenges and strategic choices in healthcare.

The Royal Society’s Transforming our Future meetings are unique, high-level events that address scientific and technical challenges of the next decade and bring together leading experts from wider scientific community, industry, government and charities. The meetings are organised with the support of the Royal Society Science, Industry and Translation Committee.

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