A joint Academy of Medical Sciences/MQ virtual workshop on coordinating the collection of high-quality data on the mental, cognitive and neurological health impacts of COVID-19

14.00, Tuesday 05 May 2020

On Tuesday 5 May 2020, the Academy of Medical Sciences, in partnership with MQ, hosted a virtual workshop as follow up to the publication of The Lancet Psychiatry paper, ‘Multidisciplinary research priorities for the COVID-19 pandemic: a call for action for mental health science’.

The paper called for a coordinated approach to ensure that these priorities are most effectively addressed, and highlighted as an immediate priority the need to collect high-quality data on the mental, cognitive and neurological health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the UK population.

The workshop brought together leading experts from across the UK to explore a consortium approach to collecting high-quality data. The workshop considered an existing King’s College London-led consortium proposal and aimed to:

  1. Address and refine key issues with the development of the bid to ensure it is well received by funders.
  2. Take stock of existing relevant activities and proposals across the research community, and explore how these can be incorporated or aligned so that initiatives are complementary and coordinated.
  3. Consider any additional research activities on the mental health and neurological impacts of COVID-19 that will be needed to complement the database or inform its design.

The meeting was chaired by Professor Hugh Perry FMedSci, UK Dementia Research Institute Honorary Consultant & Theme Lead (Neuroinflammation), University College London.

A full report of the discussions at this workshop is now available to download.

For further information, please visit our policy project page.

Attendance is by invitation only. For further information, please contact: George.phillips@acmedsci.ac.uk.

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