Name: Dr Sian Henson


Institution: Barts & The London


Connection to the Academy: Springboard awardee and SUSTAIN participant

Dr Sian Henson, Senior Lecturer at Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, is a SUSTAIN participant, and Springboard award holder.  Our SUSTAIN programme supports women to thrive in their independent research careers with tailored mentoring and leadership development training. Springboard awards provide funding and a personalised package of career support to help newly independent biomedical scientists to launch their research careers.

“My research investigates the way immune cells change during the ageing process. If we can unpick the processes involved we may be able to find new ways to treat diseases such as diabetes and dementia."

 “I took time out and deviated from the traditional career path and then fell fowl to the time constraints of numerous grants. The Springboard scheme run by The Academy recognised my potential and has allowed me to set up my own group, it was the only scheme of its type that didn’t come with any restrictions. The Academy has had a massive influence on my career."

 “Throughout my career I’ve been trained in how to do experiments, interpret data and apply for grants. What we are not trained in is how to run that grant and manage a team of people. The management training I’ve received from the Academy of Medical Sciences via the SUSTAIN programme has been invaluable, it’s provided me with a solid foundation on which to grow my team."

You can support early career researchers such as Dr Sian Henson by joining the Helix Group, visit our donate page to sign up online. 

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