Elizabeth Bohm - Head of International Policy

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020 3141 3217

I have been at the Academy since 2017 and oversee the Academy’s international policy work. This encompasses our international policy projects, maintaining our connections in Europe and our work focused on global health challenges. I am particularly interested in building partnerships to ensure that science and research help address global health challenges.

I started my career with degrees in science and law and tried to follow these areas independently, working in a research lab and then becoming a practising lawyer. Neither was quite right and I eventually I brought these together moving into science policy. Following my move to the UK, I have worked at the Royal Society, Wellcome Trust and British Medical Association and focussed mostly on topics around the regulation of new and emerging technologies, especially genetic technologies.

My pronouns are she/her.

Mentoring Masterclass, August 2020

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Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria: Understanding the context of health coverage in Nigeria and progress towards effective coverage

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Developing an effective mentoring programme 2020

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