Statement on water and health

The Academy has endorsed a G8+ science academies statement on water and health through the Inter Academy Medical Panel (now known as the InterAcademy Partnership for Health), the global network for medical science academies.

The statement calls for:

  • The development of basic infrastructure for sanitation and maintenance, to achieve acceptable quality water as key priorities and reduce rural/urban disparities. Sanitary facilities in schools are a priority, adapted to local, environmental, technological and cultural constraints.

  • The promotion of education including training of professionals and technicians; help to improve management of water quality, in order to change the behaviour of populations regarding water supply.

  • Funding of research and development for the identification of pathogens of animal origin and the development of simple, low-cost and efficient markers.

  • The promotion of capacity-building to improve water management and hygiene standards; support watershed level community-based actions favouring the key role of women both in rural and peri-urban areas.

  • The establishment of networks of competence at national, regional and global levels to improve the efficiency of water use in domestic context, as well as in agriculture and industry, through research and innovative practices that are ecologically oriented.

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