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Building a stronger future

The four UK National Academies have launched a joint statement, setting out our vision for the next Government in order to make the UK the location of choice for world class research, development and innovation.

This statement, 'Building a Stronger Future: Research, innovation and growth', unites the vision of all four Academies, which together speak for UK research and innovation across the full range of the natural, engineering, medical and social sciences, and the humanities.

Professor Sir John Tooke PMedSci, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, said:

"UK research is world leading. The innovation it drives is crucial for economic recovery and is the foundation of a knowledge economy. Long term investment which grows to match international competitors will benefit all of society. Support for medical science, for example, offers NHS patients the prospect of new and more effective treatments. The next Government must commit to making the UK the best place in the world to undertake such work to realise the clear social and economic gains it generates."

Professor Patrick Vallance FMedSci, President, Pharmaceuticals R&D at GSK, said:

“The UK has an outstanding, world-class science base where  great scientific discoveries are made and translated into clinical benefit – that’s why GSK continues to significantly invest in research here. By partnering with academics and clinicians, we support the translation of publicly-funded research into patient and economic benefit. Long term investment in research and innovation is essential to create a really vibrant exciting ecosystem for biomedical advances and to ensure the UK retains its position as a scientific global leader.”

Dr Jeremy Farrar OBE FMedSci, Director of the Wellcome Trust, said:

“A strong multidisciplinary research ecosystem is essential to generate returns for health, society and the economy. As the recent Medical Research: What’s it worth report shows, every £1 from the public purse spent in this area alone returns 40p to the economy every year. We urge all parties to read and support this well-considered statement – long-term investment science is too important to be a party political issue.”

For more information, please visit our policy page.

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