Being a mentor

The Academy’s highly regarded 1-2-1 mentoring scheme offers early career researchers mentorship by Academy Fellows and has proven extremely valuable since its 2002 launch with over 400 pairings to date.

Fellows that are mentors report to us that they find the experience as rewarding as it is for the mentee. Read more about the experiences of other Fellows of being a mentor.

Prospective mentees identify Fellows for the office to approach using the secure Academy website pages which now include about 250 ‘mentor profiles’. These briefly outline the areas of expertise which you can offer through mentorship and are a great aid when matching mentees with Fellows. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to write a short profile for yourself.

Please contact the office, we can provide resources and help you to complete your mentoring profile. You can provide your profile using the login sent to you in January (contact the office if you need help with this). If you need any inspiration, you can read the profiles of other Fellows, for example, those of Professor David Adams FMedSci or Professor Moira Whyte OBE FMedSci. You need to be logged in to see the mentoring profiles.

Hone your mentoring technique and discuss the benefits and challenges of being an effective mentor by attending one of our workshops. The next mentoring workshop will be on 1 July 

To expand the reach of our activities, the Academy offers mentoring to MRC Career Development Awardees and Strategic Skills Fellows. Please do promote this opportunity to eligible researchers in your institutions. Read more about the scheme here

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