Reaction to the outcome of the EU referendum

Commenting on the outcome of the referendum, Professor Sir Robert Lechler, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences said:

"This is a very disappointing outcome for medical science. Now that the direction has been set to leave the EU, it is crucial that the government develops clear plans to safeguard the future of science and research in the UK.

“We must ensure the UK retains its globally competitive edge in a post-Brexit world by finding ways to sustain the strong research collaborations we have built with our European partners.  The scientific community needs to send a strong message that we are still open for business.

"As part of this, research will need access to funding sources to replace those put at risk by exiting the EU, as well as clear plans to maintain access to European research talent and mechanisms for scientific collaboration.

"The Academy of Medical Sciences is ready to work with Ministers and officials to shape suitable and sustainable plans for the future of UK medical science."

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