Academy statement on EU referendum

The Academy of Medical Sciences believes that the outcome of the referendum is of profound importance to UK medical science and innovation.

Nevertheless, individuals will take many different factors into consideration when they vote on 23 June, and the Academy is not advising voters to choose either 'leave' or 'remain'.

The EU has provided significant investment in UK health research and innovation, and opportunities for international collaboration that have increased the reputation, competitiveness and attractiveness of the UK as a centre of global medical science excellence. In the event of a vote to leave the EU, priority must be given to mitigating the impact of lost or diminished access to funding, research talent and mechanisms to facilitate large scale scientific collaborations. 

The House of Lord Selected Committee on Science & Technology recently published EU Membership and UK Science, a report designed to inform public and government ahead of the EU referendum in June.

The Academy contributed to the report by responding to an official consultation.

More information on our response to the Lord's Select Committee on Science & Technology is available in our Policy section.


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