Academy publishes interim update on ‘Health of the public in 2040’ project

The Academy of Medical Sciences has today published an interim update on its ‘Health of the public in 2040’ working group project. It provides an overview of progress to date, a summary of the evidence received so far, and the working group’s draft  vision for the health of the public in 2040: a desired ‘end-point’ from which to work back in order to identify appropriate recommendations.

The update has been prepared, in part, to support discussion during a large stakeholder workshop held today. This brought together over 50 senior individuals from across population health research, practice, funding and policy to discuss:

  • The working group’s draft vision for the health of the public in 2040.
  • The main challenges to achieving this vision and the opportunities that will need to be realised over the next 25 years.
  • The practical recommendations that the working group might make to ensure that the UK research environment supports delivery of this vision.

The project, which was launched in November 2014, aims to help secure future physical and mental health by better understanding the many factors that will affect it over the coming decades. By exploring how these factors might be influenced to deliver positive health outcomes, and by developing an aspirational vision for the population’s health in 2040, the project will make practical recommendations about how the research environment can support the delivery of this vision.

Its recommendations will cover the requirements for supporting decision-making about population health interventions, with particular regard to research evidence, research capacity, research infrastructure and mechanisms for its translation into public policy and practice. It will not make recommendations about specific interventions or consider the strengths and weaknesses of current UK public health structures.

The working group’s final report will be published in spring/summer 2016 and will be aimed at policymakers, funders, researchers, practitioners, public health service providers, professional and regulatory bodies, and the public.

More information about the project can be found on its policy project page.

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