£2million fundraising success supports expansion in activities

The Academy is celebrating a highly successful year with an impressive 44% increase in voluntary income for 2014/15.

This success has resulted from the launch of a new Transformation Fund in mid-2014. This fundraising appeal has been well-received with the Academy already raising over £2million, putting us in a good position to achieve the £5million target.  This increase in resources will support an ambitious programme of new activities to be rolled out over the coming year and beyond.

The additional funding has allowed us to introduce two new careers schemes; SUSTAIN and Newton Travel Fellowships. The policy team has also taken on a record number of projects due to rising demand for our expertise, including projects on ‘Team Science’, ‘Health of the Public in 2040’, ‘Research Reproducibility’ and ‘Evaluating Evidence’.

We are most grateful to all our donors and supporters who have contributed to the Transformation Fund to date, including those Fellows who support the Helix Group.

The Helix Group includes our valued regular supporters whose members donate a total of £30,000 annually. This provides the Academy with valuable unrestricted funding that enables us to initiate independent work that can exert real influence. Find out how to become a member of the Helix Group in our Fundraising section.

Read more about how you can help us reach our £5million Transformation Fund target. 

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