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Professor Simon Griffin FMedSci

Job Title
Professor of General Practice
Public Health and Primary Care
University of Cambridge
Year elected



Type 2 diabetes prevention, screening and management. Risk stratification. Randomised trials.

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Primary care, health services research, health informatics, health improvement, social sciences, humanities, law, policy, communication or leadership as applied to health or biomedical science

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Simon Griffin, Professor of General Practice at the University of Cambridge, is one of the leading academic general practitioners of his generation. He has made major methodological and substantive advances in the prevention, detection and management of diabetes and pioneered population risk stratification for diabetes, CVD and colorectal cancer using routinely available data. Professor Griffin published the first diabetes risk score, derivatives of which are used in screening and prevention programmes worldwide and has contributed the majority of original data referred to in international guidelines concerning screening. An active GP, Professor Griffin is also an exceptional teacher, having supervised 16 doctorates and 24 Masters Degrees.

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