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Professor Paul Peter Tak FMedSci

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Experimental medicine, translational medicine, immunology, rheumatology, biotechnology, bioelectronics, gene therapy

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Medical specialties (excluding oncology, neurology) and paediatrics

Paul-Peter Tak is Chief Immunology Officer and Senior Vice President of Research and Development at GlaxoSmithKline. His academic work focused on translational and experimental medicine, in particular the molecular classification of rheumatoid arthritis. He established a biotech company developing intra-articular gene therapy and has made a substantial impact in the field in both research and clinical practice. He has developed a highly innovative portfolio of drug candidates and runs large research groups in the UK and USA. He chairs the Scientific Review Board, the governing body accountable for the scientific assessment of GSK’s R&D portfolio, and is widely seen as a significant and inspirational leader in the industry.

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