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Professor Naveed Sattar FMedSci

Job Title
Professor of Metabolic Medicine
Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences
University of Glasgow
Year elected



Cardiometabolic expertise covering trials, biomarkers and epidemiology to aid diagnosis, treatment and prevention

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Medical and veterinary specialties and paediatrics

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Naveed Sattar, Professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Glasgow, is internationally recognised in cardiometabolic medicine, and has a remarkable track record of collaboration in other disciplines where his outputs have helped shape specific areas of clinical practice. His work in cardiometabolic medicine has helped challenge conventional wisdom and led to new paradigms, with several findings incorporated into clinical guidelines. He has contributed to several UK and European guidelines, including the editorial board of the Joint British Societies cardiovascular risk recommendations, and is the current chair of the related SIGN guidelines. He is on the International Advisory Board for UK Biobank.

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