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Professor Jonathan Friedland FMedSci

Job Title
Deputy Principal
Section of Infectious Diseases and Immunity
Imperial College London
Year elected



infectious diseases, tuberculosis - mechanisms of tissue destruction, innate immunity and novel diagnostics; matrix metalloproteinases; migrant health

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Medical specialties (excluding oncology, neurology) and paediatrics

Jon Freidland is Head of Infectious Diseases at Imperial College and has worked extensively on the host immune response to mycobacterial infection. Throughout his career, Professor Freidland has been involved in translating his research into patient studies. He has extended his work to Peru where he has conducted studies to reduce spread of tuberculosis through mechanisms such as micronutrient supplementation, and improved ventilation. His work has also led to a new diagnostic test which has been adopted by the National TB Programme of Peru and now being rolled out in 24 countries. Professor Friedland has also developed the Imperial College Centre for Clinical Tropical Medicine which provides a vehicle to foster young clinician scientists in this important discipline. Nationally, he has played an important role advising on policy concerning vaccination, immunization and emerging infections.

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