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Professor Janet Darbyshire CBE FMedSci

Job Title
Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology, University College London, Honorary Senior Scientist, MRC Clinical Trials Unit
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clinical trials and other epidemiological studies primarily in HIV infection and tuberculosis but also in cancer, arthritis and other diseases

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Psychiatry, psychology and mental health, behavioural science, genomics, epidemiology, clinical trials, population health sciences and global health

Janet Darbyshire has had and continues to have an outstanding career in Epidemiology. Her work has had a major impact on World Health starting with her involvement and design of clinical trials in the epidemiology, effect of treatment and prophylaxis in tuberculosis, particularly in Africa. She refined the use of the clinical trial as a vital research tool and applied her experience in TB to tackle the terrible consequences of the HIV epidemic in Africa and latterly SE Asia. Her pre-eminence in her chosen field is attested by her membership of just about every committee, advisory board or steering group relevant to the organisation and effectiveness of clinical trials in AIDS, HIV or TB, many of which she contributes to a s Chair or Secretary quite apart from her scientific expertise. Since her appointment as Director of the MRC Clinical Trials Unit and in her position of Professor of Epidemiology in the University of London she has taken the lead in working with the National Cancer Research Network in applying clinical trials for the improvement of cancer management in the UK. Her example and expertise have attracted to her department numerous high flyers in epidemiology, statistics and clinical trial design. Both the science and the application are addressed to the highest standard. Janet has been a key member of the Committee of Safety of Medicines for over 10 years. This also has had add on effects, not least her appointment to two Academy of Medical Science steering committees, on safety of medicinal products and microbiological challenge studies. Janet is one of the outstanding Epidemiologists in the UK

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