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Professor Jamie Rossjohn FMedSci FLSW

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ARC Australian Laureate Fellow, Monash University; Prof of Structural Immunology, Cardiff University
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Monash University
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immune system, infection, adaptive and innate immunity, cellular immunity, immune dysfunction, T cells, MAIT cells, T cell receptor, HLA-linked food hypersensitivities , HLA-linked drug hypersensitivities, Structural biology, allo-reactivity, lipid-mediat

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Physics, chemistry, biochemistry, structural biology, mathematical sciences including statistics, informatics, imaging and engineering applied to biomedicine

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Jamie Rossjohn is National Health and Medical Research Australia Fellow at Monash University. He has retained substantial links with UK-based science since embarking on investigations in Australia particularly with Cardiff University, through which he has published frequently in premier journals. This includes work on Natural Killer cell receptors, HLA-linked drug hypersensitivities, innate-like T-cell recognition of vitamin B metabolites, and autoimmunity and MHC-mediated immunity. Professor Rossjohn has consistently fostered collaborations across the UK, spanning from his early work on pore-forming toxins and his pioneering work on lipid-mediated immunity, and he routinely acts as a reviewer for the Wellcome Trust and the MRC.

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