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Professor Frances Brodsky FMedSci

Job Title
Director of the Division of Biosciences and Professor of Cell Biology
University College London (UCL)
Year elected



Intracellular membrane traffic mediated by clathrin and its physiological roles influencing health and disease

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Cellular and developmental biology, microbiology and immunology, genetics

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Director of the Division of Biosciences at UCL, Frances Brodsky is internationally recognised as a leader in the field of membrane traffic and a world expert on clathrin function. Her work has revolutionised cell biology research through the introduction of novel technical approaches, as well as focusing on pathways with translational potential. She was among the first to use monoclonal antibody technology and crystallography to dissect membrane traffic, inspiring others to follow suit, and has also generated invaluable tools, used by laboratories world-wide, to study many processes ranging from infection to receptor signalling to the cell cycle.

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